Valeo Vision Systems

At Valeo, we work in a number of different areas, all with the common goal of providing innovative products and automated services to the automotive industry.

Innovation At Valeo Vision Systems

We design and manufacture front, top, rear and side view Automotive cameras and associated ECUs for a variety of OEM manufacturers such as BMW, Jaguar/Land Rover, Volvo, Ford, Nissan and VAG Group(VW, Audi). We use the best human competences and leading edge technologies to offer innovative products to our customers.

everything around your vehicle

360-Degree Surround View Cameras

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Support The Global Compact

Trailer Assistant

Provides valuable assistance in hitching trailers.

Park4U + 306Vue

Combines ultrasonics and vision systems to automatically park your car into the parking slot.

Pedestrian Detection

Automatically detects pedestrians around the vehicle and warns the driver.

Valeo, A Key Driver Of Cleaner Mobility

A sense of enhancement is ready to strike you, the moment you switch you to Valeo as it helps you drive effortlessly and with the sign of caution.

Automated Parking Segment

From gaining a parking asset to help you to upgrade the entire process, Valeo has all the right answers. By moving ahead with it, you will be exposed to the world of automation that reeks of comfort and satisfaction.

Vision Segment
360° view

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Our Testimonials

“Never have I come across such a great product. It improves the driving experience and promotes me to communicate comfortably.”
“Valeo and its essential products have helped me move around the Malta city with ease, as parking and a lot of other activities have become easy.”
William A. Clark