We design and manufacture front, top, rear and side view Automotive cameras and associated ECUs for a variety of OEM manufacturers such as BMW, Jaguar/Land Rover, Volvo, Ford, Nissan and VAG Group(VW, Audi). We use the best human competences and leading edge technologies to offer innovative products to our customers.

360° Birds eye view

Allowing precise manoeuvres due to a seamless surround view of the vehicle’s immediate surroundings.

Junction view
Improves safety in cross traffic situations with limited visibility.

Trailer assistant
Provides valuable assistance in hitching trailers.

Park4U + 306Vue
Combines ultrasonics and vision systems to automatically park your car into the parking slot.

Cross Traffic Alert
Uses a very wide angle camera mounted on the front/rear of the vehicle to automatically detect oncoming vehicles and other road users.

Pedestrian Detection
Automatically detects pedestrians around the vehicle and warns the driver.