Our Business

Automated Parking Segment

The Automated Parking Research & Development Centre is highly innovative, specialising in the design and development of cutting edge Automated Parking Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) incorporating viewing camera and including applications such as Pedestrian Detection, Cross Traffic Alert and Automated Parking. The AP Team are located across multiple sites primarily Tuam and Bietigheim and are responsible for research into core software & system technologies including Object Detection, Data Fusion/MAP and Vehicle Manoeuvring algorithms and full development of the life cycle to bring Automated Parking End User Functions to market

To be at the leading edge of Innovation AP employ Engineers and Scientists with a diverse range of skills and expertise. Today c.44% of our R&D staff are qualified to Masters or Ph.D level. As R&D is at the core of our Business we find the best people on a global basis with the particular skills (technical expertise, problem solving & adaptability) we require, we achieve this by travelling to recruit in those locations as required. We either relocate the people to our Tuam or Bietigheim sites or to one of our global R&D networks. We strive to provide the conditions and environment suitable for a high tech company, in addition to our high spec buildings, we can boast state of the art test labs and a vehicle test track.

Vision Segment

In many daily situations, drivers are challenged with a lack of visibility around the vehicle. Parking the vehicle in smaller park slots and manoeuvring the vehicle in a new or unknown environment.

Valeo Visions product roadmap of rear view, surround view cameras improves driver’s visibility. Some of our innovative products are listed below.

Valeo’s 360Vue™ 3D Surround View System provides the driver with a three-dimensional (3D) view around the vehicle. The system enables the driver to manoeuvre the car without the need to switch between front, side and rear views. This significantly improves safety, while adding driving comfort and precision. Each camera features a High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) imager with mega-pixel resolution, providing a state-of-the-art image quality and low-light performance.

SightStream™ builds on Valeo’s existing products, its a new system to replace interior and exterior mirrors with cameras. This system will offer the benefit of a reduction in aerodynamic drag and C02 emissions while providing better rear vision in difficult situations such as low sun, adverse weather and/or at night.