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The Most Important Automotive Tech Milestones Of The Last 25 Years

The automotive industry has seen a huge shift realising the needs of the people. The technology has changed to the auto industry, and over the years we can see much more advancements. In this article, we are going to be learning about the milestones which one achieved in the last 25 years.

Toyota Prius and the Hybrid Drivetrain

The drivetrain technology has helped improve the fuel economy where people are looking into electrical hybrids. Today, hybrids are very common to see, but Toyota was the first to market them when they produced them in 1998. Today, the combined effect of both can be 1.5 litres energy with an electric motor and nickel-metal hydride battery pack. There were many revolutionary ideas which were revolutionary, which changed the face of the car industry. Toyota soon replaced the sam with much more futuristic-looking cars which sold almost 4 million Prius liftback.

 Hybrid Drivetrain

Stability control

Electronic stability control is the mechanism which controls the skid in your car. There are many technical progression which can begin with anti-lock brakes from the 70s to 80s. There are many computing power increase which has also improved the automakers which could apply the brakes to the individuals to help reduce the wheel slip and also increase traction. Traction allows you to have the best stability control, which will enable one to determine whether a car was sliding—Mercedes Benz and BMW were the first to bring the stability control to the cars.

GPS satellite navigation

A cross country road trip requires a bundle of fold-out maps which can easily be stacked. They are many old fashioned GPS systems, but today with the right changes, one can use GPS to help them find the right way through every turn. There are many automakers who have to begin offer navigation systems which can have a least partially Global Positioning system in the mid to late 90s. It was not long before the aftermath of the portable GPS units exploded, and a new dash top units came to be. These systems worked well and were also convenient to help work with the vehicle glove boxes.

Airbags Everywhere, 1998

Airbags can easily be traced to 1950s to those who wanted a design which can be reliable. The luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz started to use modern airbags which can be the 1980s. There are many ford airbags which help with the growing standards of vehicles. The intermodal surface transportation which is an efficient act of 1991 was set to help safeguard the individual which led to the adoption of lower powered airbags which can have reduced airbag inflicted injuries in case of a car crash.

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